Primeros pasos con OpenERP

OpenERP is an impressive software system, being easy to use and yet providing great benefits in helping you manage your company. It is easy to install under both Windows and Linux compared to other enterprise-scale systems, and offers unmatched functionality.

The objective of this first part of the book is to help you start discovering OpenERP in practice.

The first chapter, Instalación y configuración inicial, gives detailed guidance for installing it. If you are not a system administrator, or if you have already installed OpenERP, or if you are planning to use an online SaaS provider, then you can skip this chapter and move straight to the next chapter, Paseo guiado. There we take you on a step-by-step guided tour using the information in the demonstration database.

If you have already used OpenERP (or Tiny ERP) a bit then you can move to the third chapter in this part of the book. In ¿Como esto aplica a tu negocio? you can try out a real case, from scratch in a new database, by developing a complete business workflow that runs from purchase to sale of goods.

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